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Screenshosts of Sinister Night
  • Sinister Night - Horror Survival Game
  • Sinister Night - Horror Survival Game
  • Sinister Night - Horror Survival Game
  • Sinister Night - Horror Survival Game
  • Sinister Night - Horror Survival Game
  • Sinister Night - Horror Survival Game
  • Sinister Night - Horror Survival Game
  • Sinister Night - Horror Survival Game
Description of Sinister Night - Horror Survival Game

It's midnight and the only way to survive it's to find a way to escape the sinister castle.
You are not alone inside the castle and someone is out there searching for you. This entity is there for years and you are a prisoner to this sinister horror castle. Because this is a horror survival game, your only chance to survive the entity is to find a way out, but in the same time to hide and seek from the horror monster.
To escape the haunted castle you have to solve puzzles. Sounds easy, no? Well, if you were alone it was,but there is always someone on your tail and you have to hide under the tables, inside the cabinets or under the beds and to stay there quietly, because if the dark entity will hear you, she can kill you and you have to start over the game. The horror will unleash as soon as you begin playing the game, because the horror monster will start searching for you. This horror character it's a very complex AI and it has a lot of senses, perfectly created for horror games. It can hear you if you make noises, so when you walk try not to break any objects. It can also see you from large distances and if you're not quick enough to hide, you'll be dead. That's when the real horror begins, when you are followed; the only thing you'll have in your mind is to survive the horror haunted castle as soon as possible.
This is a survival game and to survive you have to solve puzzles, open doors, trigger handles, find keys and so on, but because you'll not have any tips you have to interact with all the objects from inside the castle. So if you see something that can help you, pick it up and find it's place! Maybe will fit there and you'll have a new chance to escape!

The environment is very sinister with a lot of scary sounds which creates a frightening atmosphere and the only thing it's in your mind is to escape and to finish the game. Because there are a lot of dark places, you have to be careful because you can meet face to face with the horror ghost and you'll be dead. The jump scare will frightening you! So if you never played horror games, you should play it with the light on!

Sinister Night has 5 modes to play.

- the entity will walk at lower speed
- the entity will not hear you
- the entity will not see you, only from close ranges.
This is for those who didn't played in past any horror games and will give you a little chance to finish the game without hiding and running all the time

- the horror monster will walk at normal speed
- the horror monster will see you from normal ranges
- the horror monster has hearing senses activated. This means that if you run or you will make any noises, the monster will hear you

This is where you think you are good playing horror games:
- the ghost will run after you, so you have to be careful and to always be near some hiding places
- the ghost will see you from large areas and will also hear you
One other thing, is that this evil spirit will start searching for you as soon as you begin playing this horror game

This game mode says it all. If you are an expert in horror games, then you should try this one. The ghost will be on your tracks all the time and the environment is very dark.

If you really want to explore the game and to solve the puzzles, you can try this game mode. The ghost will not follow you and you can walk around the castle without any worries and you can solve the puzzles.

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We are open to suggestions and with each update we will improve our game. If you have any ideas, questions or complaints, do not hesitate to contact us at nogvirtualstudio@gmail.com

You can also find us on social media!


Version history Sinister Night - Horror Survival Game
New in Sinister Night 1.0
We've added Extreme Mode.
- Leila is very fast
- The environment is very dark
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